Iman Zakeri

Marketing Consultant

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About Me

I'm Iman Zakeri, a marketer

I began my career in the field of business management with a strong interest in marketing, pursuing my master's degree. In the meantime, as I have been studying, I have gained specialized experience in the field and learned that marketing is an experience of experience, and simply not having a degree is enough to succeed.

Experience and interaction with the environment especially in sales and marketing have given me a rational and risky spirit that can be one of the most important achievements of an Iranian marketer.

I'm always researching and researching up-to-date marketing issues, and producing and publishing content on marketing issues on my blog and social networks.

And in the end, I believe, three things are enough to succeed in any business - logic, order and most importantly faith. I design and run all the specialized business and business consulting programs that I am currently working on. The motto of Iman Zakeri and his team is:

"Be Faithful to Marketing"

Latest videos

Air pollution and marketing

We had just come in to freshen up the air that we encountered. But what can we do, since the sound of Tehran's air pollution has been ringing since the beginning of the year, and since then we have only seen couples and individuals plan to close schools. In addition to the incompetent officials whose duties are characteristic, citizens also have social responsibility. I tried to portray the role and duty of a marketer in critical situations like air pollution. Hope you always laugh and have a long life.
Video Duration: 03:22
Release date: 1398/10/02

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Our Team

Skilled and expert team
Yasaman Masoudi
Website Designer and Administrator

Master of Artificial Intelligence

Alireza Oskoui
Consultant and Program Manager

Bachelor of Communication Science

Alireza Bagheri
Coach and Consultant

Doctor of General Medicine

What are the abilities of Iman Zakeri and his team?

Business Plan Design

Business Plan is designed to meet the goals of a business. A good business plan can encourage individuals and organizations to invest in your business. Let us do this for you.

Marketing and branding consulting

If you are planning to start a lucrative business or are halfway confused, let us arrange consulting sessions with you. You may have mastered all the basics of marketing, but to ensure success in the current economic ecosystem, please do the job and be sure.

Design and running startup

Looking for a team to execute your project? Let us help you create and grow your dream startup. Our team is ready to serve you in all areas including programming, UI and UX design, marketing and sales.

Website design and development

Designing and running your website is done by a team that knows all of your business concerns, takes care of your expectations and orders, and carries them out as quickly as possible.

Content Marketing

Nowadays businesses need to present content beyond a series of promotional slogans, content that will create new value for their business owners, we call this type of marketing content marketing. Just tell us your brand content plan and goals and see the results.

Coaching and mentoring

If you are going to set up your own brand, you need to follow the advice of experienced trainers to reduce the percentage of your mistakes, make faster progress and learn the basics of branding in the shortest time.

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